Welcome to my blog and the documented descent into madness return to film photography.
Full Disclosure: returning to film does not mean abandoning digital. Rather, I will be marrying the two to grow as an artist and a photographer. The process is sure to be bizarre at times, boring at others, and chock full of mistakes. 

SDCC Happened

August 06, 2017
Well I did it, I shot 70 mm at San Diego Comic Con. It was not the affirming magical experience that I expected however... due to technical difficulties, humidity, and m...
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Editing Conundrum

May 25, 2017
So far this experience and journey has been amazing, I have reclaimed so much of my own creativity and vision and artistic view, but I’ve come up on something that has ne...
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Stop touching me

May 11, 2017
I am devastated. There is something to be said for being calm in your heart and mind when loading film, or cutting mats, or spotting prints. There is an amount of medita...
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It's all on video

May 09, 2017
To document developing color film for the first time, I decided to do a video diary of the day. I posted these to my Instagram and Facebook, but I wanted to put them all...
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Oh no here we go . . .

May 06, 2017
I've been nervous. Really really nervous. But everything I need to develop the 70mm film I shot at Wondercon is here, and I have no reason to procrastinate any longer....
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